Special Interest Groups

SIGs: Bringing Together Those With Common Interests

AUTM Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together AUTM members with a common area of interest within the technology transfer field. SIGs convene as discussion eGroups.

AUTM members may join a SIG online by choosing "options" on the SIGs tab of their member profile. For more information regarding SIGs, including starting a new SIG, email Customer Service, or call +1-847-686-2244.

Administrative Professionals
This SIG provides a forum for experienced technology transfer office administrative professionals to discuss ways to develop their roles as influential members of the technology transfer profession. Join this SIG

This SIG is for those responsible for the compliance related issues and government reporting within their technology transfer office. Join this SIG

Plant and Plant Variety Protection Act Issues
This SIG is for people interested in licensing and managing intellectual property dealing with all aspects of plants, PVP and UPOV protection, and the relevant and varied angles that are contemplated when licensing this kind of intellectual property. Join this SIG

Small Offices
The small office SIG is focused on the success and well-being of the small technology transfer office (one to five professionals). Working in a small office can be isolating; join the small office SIG and expand your resource network. Join this SIG

The sustainability SIG brings together AUTM members who are interested in sharing best practices of their technology transfer offices to help universities develop effective technology, economic and social policy that moves our society towards sustainable consumption and renewal of natural resources. Join this SIG

Women Inventors
Women professors at universities submit their work to technology transfer offices at a lower rate than their male counterparts. Research shows that this may have less to do with the patentability of their work than with social norms, networks and support. This SIG addresses these concerns, explores ways the situation can be righted, and reaches out to synergistic organizationsJoin this SIG